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Monday, September 3, 2012

About Me...

My name's Lance Oscarson. Being a home-grown Utah goalie I’ve seen the neeed for quality goalie coaching here in the state. It can give a beginner goalie correct fundamentals and allow them to  quickly advance to the next level and to enjoy the position more. Or it can give an advanced goalie more options to play at a more competitive level. I've coached goalies off on and on for over 15 years. And have been a student of the position for 25 years. My goal is to give Utah goalies the same high quality coaching that is available to other goalies internationally. By focusing on the needs of each individual, and forming a devolpment plan for them specifically, i believe i can give the goalie more opportunity for improvement then any other offering here in Utah. 

Give me a call to learn how i can help you or your aspiring goalie, or feel free to come by and see our facility in person. Thanks, Lance

Friday, August 31, 2012

About Our Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice technology has made great improvements over the years. Is it exactly like ice? No. There are some drawbacks, but it does offer the goalie huge advantages in training. All the same pad slides, skating moves and saves can be done on synthetic ice with an added advantge to scheduling and cost then actual ice. It also adds resistance as the goalie does moves.This resistance  increases strength and quickness when the same moves are done on actual ice. Overall its the next best thing to practicing on actual ice, and in some ways, it’s even better.